Bark Cloth Detail
zuerst wird die Rinde vom Ficus Baum geschält
so sieht das dann aus...
dann wird diese mit alten traditionellen Hämmern geklopft
bis sie auf ca 8-fache Grösse angewachsen ist
und nicht mehr wie Rinde, sondern wie eine Textilfaser aussieht
und wenn man es färbt kann man Bark Cloth in allen Farben für die Rahmenverbindungen verwenden

Bark Cloth is a natural fibre made out of the bark of the ficus tree and has an extenend cultural tradition in Uganda. Originally it was used to wrap the dead and the kings wore it in their coronation ceremonials. Nowadays it has many uses in various sectors of economy.

The materials offers perfect characteristics for building bamboo bicycle frames. It is extremly durable and it soaks well, therefore, in combination with resin, it is perfect for wrapping stable, slim and good looking joints.

We have been visiting a small village in Uganda and have been introduced to the art of bark cloth making. It can be done with not too much technichal effort, but one has to know which piece of bark is usable. The wise old men of the village knew.

Bark Cloth production in a small village close to Lake Victoria

Charles Mulamata on Bark Cloth:

Kasoma Noordin of Booganda Bikes on the importance of Bark Cloth for building bamboo bike frames and the tradition of bark cloth in Uganda

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